Advanced Television

Motorola’s Good Companions

April 7, 2011

By Colin Mann

Motorola Mobility has launched its SocialTV Companion Service, targeted at service providers looking to deliver multi-screen experiences to their customers.

The new service is part of the Motorola Medios multi-screen video service management portfolio, with Motorola suggesting that SocialTV will help service providers differentiate their offering and generate incremental revenue by leveraging social networking, loyalty programmes, advertising and product merchandising via companion devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops.

When consumers are viewing video content on their primary TV screen, they will in tandem be able to share comments and interact real-time with friends and family via social networks using the service. In addition, they will be able to access content, applications or merchandise related to the programme they’re watching.

Motorola Mobility’s 2010 Media Engagement Barometer showed that nearly 40 per cent of Americans would prefer a TV viewing experience that offered access to value-add services such as these.

“Consumers are increasingly using companion devices to augment their entertainment experience,” said John Burke, SVP and GM, Converged Experiences, Motorola Mobility. “Our SocialTV Companion Service is leveraging the convergence of companion devices, community and entertainment to create a more enjoyable and personalised experience for the consumer, while giving the service provider for the ability to monetise that experience,” he advised.

Motorola’s SocialTV Companion Service includes interactive games and social experiences enabling viewers to express themselves and interact real-time with their virtual community of friends also watching the TV show.

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