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EBU adopts Connected TV principles

April 18, 2011

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has adopted ‘Principles for Internet-Connected and Hybrid Television’ and has called on its stakeholders ‘to support and respect the principles.’

The principles outline a common basis for design of all hybrid systems and cover: Linkage between broadcast and broadband; Content integrity and display of broadcast signal on screen; Access to broadcasters’ content; Preservation of a safe viewing environment; Copyright/IPR and piracy and Data protection.

The EBU believes that new hybrid systems will only deliver their full potential if they use technology that is harmonised across Europe and allows broadcasters and other content providers to link broadcast and on-demand content such as catch-up TV. “Only common solutions will unlock the full potential of hybrid and connected TV and deliver the best possible experience for viewers and success for hybrid systems,” said EBU Director General, Ingrid Deltenre, “In addition, content must be easily accessible and displayed as the broadcaster intended.”

The principles also forbid the overlay of third-party content or commercial communications on the television picture without the broadcaster’s consent and specify that viewers must be able to return to the last watched channel and have the ability to store favourites and personalised content on their TV.

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