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China releases Connected TVs standards

April 19, 2011

The China Video Industry Association (CVIA) has released China’s first set of online TV multimedia communications standards. Jiang Junkai, director of strategic partnerships for Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer Changhong, said the standards are the first to be drafted that address Internet-connected TV sets and TV peripherals.

The standards define an “Internet-connected TV” as a TV set that provides users with customised Internet applications and services, and covers all types of TV sets, including Internet TVs with closed ecosystems, smart TVs with semi-closed ecosystems, and “computer TVs” with fully open ecosystems.

Bai Weimin, secretary-general of the CVIA, said that without standardisation, video communications would only be possible between TV sets from the same brand, but the new standards will allow communication between any two TV sets that adhere to the new standards.

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