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Digital return module for Germany’s BK fibre nodes

May 2, 2011

Colin Mann @ ANGA Cable

Optical transport solution provider Aurora Networks has unveiled its Digital Return module for the BK (Broadband Kommunications) Fibre Node that will enable cable operators in Germany, and neighbouring countries, to better meet bandwidth requirements driven by high-demand services.

Specifically customised for the region’s installed base, Aurora Networks’ Digital Return module is the first digital return solution for Germany’s BK architecture. The new module provides cable operators the support they need when launching upstream channel bonding with EuroDOCSIS 3.0 services. Digital return delivers increased performance and operational savings. Combined with Aurora’s  ‘2-fer’ technology – which supports two independent 5 to 65 MHz return segments on a single wavelength – for full segmentation, it offers a fibre-efficient solution.

John Dahlquist, vice president, marketing, said that Aurora was equipping operators with the tools they needed to future-proof offerings for EuroDOCSIS 3.0 and beyond without the need for expensive equipment swap out.

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