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Connected TV music app from Grooveshark and Inview

May 4, 2011

Colin Mann @ ANGA Cable

Online music streaming service Grooveshark and EPG specialist Inview Technology are to launch an app for millions of connected TV sets in major European countries allowing users to stream their favourite music directly to their TV.

Inview’s NEELiX platform is incorporated in millions of TV sets and includes a fully-integrated electronic programme guide (EPG), media browser and personal scheduling tool, offering a streaming capability, that allows for on-demand services as well as other added value consumer applications.

Grooveshark’s services offered on the NEELiX platform will provide users with access to their favourite music, allowing them to play songs on demand, make playlists, and control it all from their TV set. Consumers using the Grooveshark App will also be offered one complimentary month of Grooveshark Anywhere service, allowing their music synchronised with Grooveshark on the web, mobile phones, and connected TVs.

Mark Rooney, Inview’s Director of Media, said Grooveshark’s global music streaming would be an important addition to its service, providing both geographical coverage and a wide range of music choice.

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