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Anonymous threatens Viacom disruption

May 6, 2011

Alongside its statement denying responsibility for the Sony data theft, hacker group Anonymous issued a warning to Viacom. It said that because of Viacom, “thousands of people have undergone the unfortunate experience of receiving falsely-claimed copyright infringements”.

“Anonymous demands from Viacom a public press release to admit and apologise for the fraud and crimes that they have committed. Anonymous also demands that Viacom allows everyone thoughout the Internet full rights to be able to express themselves. Lastly, we, the citizens of the world, demand that Viacom stops their attempts to gather personally identifying information such as IPs, which are of no relevance to them.”

Viacom is known for taking action for removing content from the web-video sharing site YouTube and later suing the site in a high-profile copyright infringement case.

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