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Brazil adopts Japanese TV warning system

June 13, 2011

By Chris Forrester

Japan’s TV and radio broadcasters automatically insert warnings into their transmissions whenever earthquakes or tsunamis are imminent. Now Brazil is adopting – and adapting – the same early warning technology to suit local demands.

An agreement has been made with the Brazilian Government for the adoption of the Japanese standard EWS in the Brazilian digital TV system. The measure was adopted with the purpose of warning the population about potential catastrophes through TV sets and mobile phones with ISDB-T.

Brazil’s civil defence advisor André Barbosa stated that at present the best options to implement the system are being discussed. The proposal is being analyzed by the different ministries including he Ministry of Science and Technology, among others and by Casa Civil (its civil defence operation), and simultaneously by the broadcasting consortium members of the nation’s SBTVD Forum.

The system was evaluated after the natural disaster that ravaged the highland region of Rio de Janeiro at the beginning of this year. Barbosa stated that the main challenge posed by the adoption of the standard is that it was developed by Japanese technicians; that is the reason why “it is structured to address such country’s needs”, by issuing earthquake, tsunami and other natural phenomena alerts “which we do not have in Brazil”.

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