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Intelsat confirms $1.3bn Asia fleet

June 16, 2011

Intelsat has confirmed its upcoming launch schedule for four satellites, part of a $1.3 billion fleet investment programme in the Asia-Pacific region. The programme is designed to refresh and expand satellite capacity available for media programmers and communications providers offering services in the region.  The programme will also deploy a significant portion of Intelsat’s global mobility beams, a Ku-band network designed to deliver broadband services for maritime, aero and other mobility services.

Intelsat’s Investment in Asia-Pacific
Intelsat’s fleet investment includes four satellites to be launched in 2011 and 2012.
Intelsat 18
–     Launch date: Second half 0f 2011
–   Location: 180° E; replaces Intelsat 701
–     Services: Prime video neighborhood; enhanced DTH coverage and network services capabilities to the Pacific islands via C-band and Ku-band platforms
Intelsat 19
–   Launch date: Second quarter 0f 2012
–   Location: 166° E; replaces Intelsat 8
–  Services: Prime video neighborhood; increased Ku-band capacity optimized for DTH; the satellite’s C-band will provide enhanced performance capacity for distribution of international video content throughout the Asia-Pacific region; includes Ku-band mobility beams for maritime broadband services across the Pacific
Intelsat 20
–     Launch date: Second quarter of 2012
–    Location: 68.5° E; replaces Intelsat 10 and Intelsat 7
–     Services: Premier video distribution and contribution community linking Asia, Africa and Europe with more than 160 video channels
Intelsat 22
–       Launch date: First half of 2012
–       Location: 72°E; new orbital location
–        Services: Includes a Ku-band mobility beam, Asian C-band coverage with direct connectivity to Africa and a UHF hosted payload for the Australian Defence Force.

Intelsat also announced new contracts with leading media companies, as the momentum builds in the months leading up to the launches. The agreements provide Asian-based programmers with the ability to deliver content to a variety of audiences through Intelsat’s premium video neighborhoods.

“Today’s successful media companies are continually seeking to maximize the audience for their content,” said Kurt Riegelman, Intelsat’s Senior Vice President of Global Sales.  “As a result, they’re choosing Intelsat. Simply put, our satellites deliver ‘more eyes’ to media customers through our successful video neighbourhoods serving the Asia-Pacific region.”

“With our global network of over 50 satellites, the IntelsatONE terrestrial infrastructure, and refreshed capacity from our upcoming launches, Intelsat can provide highly efficient distribution into a single region or throughout the globe, supporting customer growth,” he added.

“The constantly growing need for broadband connectivity is vital to network operators in the Asia-Pacific region,” noted Riegelman.  “For example, we are establishing a regional distribution network to provide maritime services on our Ku-band mobility beams, which are customized to provide broadband connectivity to heavily used shipping routes.”

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