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Agama end-to-end IPTV monitoring deployed at Swiss wholesaler Netstream

June 21, 2011

Agama Technologies, the DTV quality assurance expert, has announced that Swiss wholesaler Netstream has deployed Agama’s complete end-to-end monitoring solution for its managed IPTV service. The installation enables full control and understanding of the service quality from creation to consumption, supporting Netstream in efficient problem discovery and SLA follow-ups with wholesale partners.

Since 2006, Netstream acts a wholesale provider of a managed IPTV service to the telecommunications industry in Switzerland. With the technical IPTV solution from Netstream, telecom operators are given a tailored opportunity to offer digital television services under their own brand; a reliable option for fast and efficient introduction of competitive and high-quality IPTV services. To ensure this, Netstream has now deployed Agama’s DTV Monitoring Solution.

“Our quality assurance need for our IPTV service was to have a full end-to-end solution, monitoring both the head-end and the customer premises, and of course the distribution network in between,” says Reto Kasser, CTO, Netstream. “With Agama’s proven solution we could get both the depth and the wide coverage that we required, making our selection obvious.”

The recently deployed solution covers the whole distribution chain, from inside the head-end to each individual subscriber, and composes of
• Agama Analyzer H-E for detection of audio and video content conditions and for complete syntactic and semantic verification of all IPTV service layers in several points within the head-end
• Agama Analyzer NET for real-time monitoring after encryption in the head-end and both before and after the interconnect points between Netstream’s IP core and the distribution network to the wholesale partners
• Agama Embedded Monitoring integrated with Entone Amulet G1, for both linear and on-demand video service quality monitoring of the entire set-top box population
• Agama Enterprise Server EX for central collection, correlation and presentation of processed monitoring data from all deployed Agama monitoring probes

“As a solution provider of managed IPTV services, Netstream has essential SLAs to meet with their connected wholesale partners. The deployed Agama solution will support them in this, as well as keeping their service quality high and problem discovery quick and efficient,” states Mikael Dahlgren, CEO, Agama Technologies. “We are excited about this new installation in Switzerland, and honored to become Netstream’s trusted service quality assurance partner.”

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