Alliance between SMIT and Digiturk

For years, SMIT has been committed in promoting and participating in the cooperation between iDTV Vendors and Pay-TV operators for the extension of the DVB-CI standard .This April, one of the most important partners of SMIT, Turkey N0.1 DTH Pay TV operator Digiturk started a new promotional campaign – the iDTV will be bundled with a Digiturk CAM with a smartcard.

Digiturk CAMs are provided by SMiT, after being paired with an authorised smart card, these CAMs will be embedded into iDTV. People can watch Digiturk programmes with a TV without extra devices. .

“Through working with SMIT and iDTV vendor to bundle our subscription package with iDTV, we can attract more users directly by transforming those TV set buyers as our subscribers. We are also planning to work with even more TV vendors once they launch their Satellite Tuner embedded iDTVs that are compatible with Digiturk” said Hatice Memiguven, COO of Digiturk.

“Actually now, with the CAM technology becoming developed, and the booming of the iDTV market, more and more Pay-TV operators realise the advantage of CAM and iDTV as a solution for end user receiving devices. This bundled business model has been proven as an effective way for the operator to attract initial TV buyers. As one of the most important CAM manufactures, we always devote ourselves to participate and promote the cooperation between all iDTV vendors and Operators. We think the cooperation of operators, iDTV vendors and SMIT is a perfect triple-win.” said Mr He, VP of SMIT.

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