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Production industry needs to embrace online video

July 5, 2011

Groovy Gecko and IBE have published the results of its production industry survey. The survey demonstrated an urgent need for the industry to embrace the world of online video, in order to both meet client demands and stay ahead of the competition.

The survey, which was carried out by Groovy Gecko in conjunction with IBE magazine showed a vast gap between current demand from clients and the production industry’s ability, and in some cases even willingness, to meet that demand. Perhaps less surprisingly, it also demonstrated that the production industry expects the demand for live webcasting and on-demand video hosting to increase in coming years, as well as the need for a webcast studio in which to produce the content.

Production companies are making more use of studios than ever before, but find production studios expensive, and often pay for a lot of unneeded services. In addition, they are often run by other production companies, instantly providing a conflict of interest. Groovy Gecko’s centrally located webcast studio was specifically designed for webcasting. Its studio rates and arrangements are extremely flexible, meaning clients only pay for what they need and for the time they need it for.

“In partnering with production companies, we help them understand the application of on-line video, the way to integrate it into their existing workflows, the limits of what it can achieve in terms of a solution for their clients”, commented Craig Moehl, CEO, Groovy Gecko. “In turn we also provide all the support and marketing literature needed to help them educate their clients and ensure they make a profit from online video. We can also accommodate partner’s full spectrum of requirements and enable them to simply provide a better service to their clients, thereby differentiating themselves in a crowded market place.”

“Through this survey, production companies revealed an aversion to embracing online video.  A large proportion even admit to giving up valuable client up-sell opportunities by turning away webcasting requests,” commented Nixon, Editor, IBE. “However, by embracing online video and partnering with webcasting specialists such as Groovy Gecko, these companies can increase their profitability, whilst cementing their relationships with their clients”.

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