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Israel’s Amos 5 suffers crucial set-back

July 12, 2011

By Chris Forrester

Israeli satellite operator Spacecom has a problem with its Amos 5 craft under construction in Russia. Due for launch later this summer, the satellite has a component problem that needs a further battery of time-consuming tests.  But the knock-on consequences could present Spacecom with a major problem given that its launch date will now almost certainly slip well into the autumn, and possibly later.

The satellite is needed urgently on station at 17 deg East, a new orbital slot for Spacecom, and is designed to serve the African market. The slot is already occupied by an interim satellite (designated Amos 5i) which is a second-hand craft better known as AsiaSat 2. AsiaSat 2 was launched back in 1995 and is at the end of its designed life. Amos 5i already has clients on board in the shape of African Internet service provider Q-Kon, and Spacecom needs to supply a continuous ‘on station’ service.

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