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Orange partners Dailymotion for localised advertising

July 14, 2011

Orange has signed an exclusive partnership with Dailymotion to deliver an integrated-advertising solution targeting specific audiences and localised content on Dailymotion’s video-sharing platform. Dailymotion’s video sharing platform reaches 114 million unique visitors a month worldwide, and 20,000 videos are added daily. The Orange Advertising Network will have the exclusivity to monetise and represent Dailymotion’s video advertising inventory across the UK, Spain, Poland and Latin America.

Dailymotion’s categorisation of content can be used by advertisers to target the video sharing market locally by differentiating between premium and user-generated content. Dailymotion’s catalogue of aggregated content is built around the concept of localisation – it has secured extensive rights to local premium content via partnerships with the major official providers in each market, such as ITN in the UK, TV Azteca in Latin America, or TV3 in Spain. This high-quality, locally relevant content ensures brands can reach specific customers on a country by country level and in a more engaged way.

Dailymotion receives more than 1.2 billion monthly views and categorises its catalogue of content in three ways: official (ie premium), professional (or keen amateur) and user-generated. All content is segmented into different channels allowing advertisers to only advertise within the channel relevant to their product or service.

Brands will also be able to harness the creativity of the active Dailymotion videomaking community, the ‘Motionmakers’, which make up 20 per cent of Dailymotion’s community. This community can be briefed to create bespoke content for advertisers. The community then returns with video content, inspired by the brand brief, providing collateral specifically suited to a campaign.

As well as providing targeted video ads within the content on Dailymotion, companion ads can also be leveraged by a brand to integrate video content alongside traditional web advertising formats such as banners and home-page takeovers. Advertisers can also sponsor Dailymotion’s high profile premium catalogue of videos to strengthen their brand visibility.

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