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Advertisers abandon TV for Facebook

July 19, 2011

The cost of placing ads on Facebook is rising rapidly as more big brands begin to move their television and print spending on advertising onto the world’s largest social network, recent reports have revealed.

The “cost per click” of an ad placed on Facebook has increased by 74 per cent over the last year in four of the world’s largest media markets, according to TBG Digital, an independent marketing firm specialising in social media.

The price of display advertising, charged per thousand “impressions” or ads seen, rose 45 per cent year-on-year, across the US, UK, France and Germany in the second quarter, TBG found.

Facebook’s dominance of the social networking market and rapid growth in advertising revenues have prompted comparisons with Google.

“In my experience of digital advertising this is the biggest growth that we have seen since Google,” said Simon Mansell, chief executive of TBG. “The main difference is that this is being fuelled by brand spend rather than [direct] response spend. That is an inflection point for the whole digital marketplace.”

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