Advanced Television

15,000 channels by 2020

August 1, 2011

By Chris Forrester

Satellite operator Eutelsat says that by 2020, ‘extended’ Europe (which by Eutelsat’s strange geographic measure also includes sub-Saharan Africa) will be enjoying some 15,000 television channels. Drawing on data from French market research outfit EuroConsult, the numbers show that while some will be duplicated versions of channels such as Discovery or Cartoon Network, by far the vast majority will be unique services and networks that are specific to a nation or region.

Western Europe, over the period to 2020, will continue with its spectacular growth in new channels, having about 5,046 and with some 35 per cent of those channels in HD. Central Europe will have about 2,920 of which 21 per cent will be in HD. Russia/Central Asia will have 2,135 channels (10 per cent in HD). Mid-East/North Africa will have 3,152 channels (16 per cent in HD) and the sub-Saharan region will have 1,754 (12 per cent in HD).


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