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EchoStar to stream Blockbuster for Mexico

August 4, 2011

By Chris Forrester

EchoStar-backed video retailer Blockbuster is to start a streaming video service for Mexico, rolling out the service to other Latino countries. No launch date was given, pending negotiations with studios and content owners. Rival Netflix is already committed to launching in the region by year-end.

Edward Argüelles, Blockbuster’s General Director of Blockbuster in Mexico and Latin America, said  the company held conversations with broadcasters such as Televisa and TV Azteca with the wish to add their output to its digital platform. However, there is uncertainty given that Televisa and TV Azteca have struck ‘closed’ agreements with Netflix, and may not be in a position to strike non-exclusive deals with Blockbuster.

Argüelles said that notwithstanding the problems at the US Blockbuster stores, it was still opening new branches in Mexico City, Monterrey and Iguala, and adding to the 320 stores already trading. Those stores enjoyed a 10 per cent growth last year.

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