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RGB Networks expands TV Everywhere product line to meet demands for multiscreen IP video

August 8, 2011

RGB Networks, a provider of scalable multiscreen IP video delivery solutions, has announced the addition of a new member to its award-winning Video Multiprocessing Gateway (VMG) product family, as well as increased transcoding capacity for its TCM module. The unique VMG line of modular, chassis-based products enables video service providers (VSP) to cost-effectively deliver and monetise video services to TVs, PCs, tablets and other mobile devices in any size deployment.

“With operators going live with TV Everywhere IP video services, it’s becoming clear that consumer usage and the growing number of end user devices is putting a significant strain on network equipment to keep up with the demand,” said Brian Johnson, Director, Product Marketing for RGB Networks. “In consultation with our customers, we have developed the VMG8 to address their desire for increased capacity, scalability and reliability, while still minimizing rack space and power requirements.”

RGB’s new VMG8 inherits all the field-proven transcoding, transrating, ad insertion and other advanced video processing capabilities of the VMG family, and packages them in a new seven rack unit (RU) high carrier-grade chassis. The VMG8 holds up to eight modules, providing a compact alternative to RGB’s larger VMG-14 that can also accommodate RGB’s recently-added AMP module — a flexible Linux-based blade developed initially for real-time audio transcoding — without exceeding the chassis’ capacity when a back-up module is added.

The VMG-8 enables VSPs to better meet their growing TV Everywhere requirements, including addressing an increasing array of applications and supporting an ever expanding range of end user device types, each adding to transcoding capacity requirements. The VMG8 is ideal for small to medium-sized deployments or deployments at the edge, and is complemented by the widely-deployed VMG14, which offers even greater capacity, allowing for the simultaneous processing of over 500 streams in a single chassis.

VSPs can utilise the VMG8 to deliver a complete multiscreen TV Everywhere service with exceptional reliability. In its fully redundant configuration the VMG8 can be configured with three video transcoder modules, one audio transcoder module and a single controller module for transcoding programs to over 140 streams for delivery to any IP-enabled device. In this redundant configuration, each module type has a back-up which can take over operation should the primary fail. Complementing its module redundancy, the VMG8’s reliability is further enhanced with back-up power supplies and cooling fans which automatically take over in the event a primary unit fails.

Additionally, the VMG8 has been designed to be ‘future proof.’ Utilising higher power cooling fans and power supplies, it can support future modules with greater power or cooling requirements, enabling VSPs to deploy the VMG8 today to meet their current needs, while ensuring that the chassis will support new modules as they become available. The flexibility of the VMG8 is further enhanced by its ability to be powered by either AC or DC power supplies integrated within its chassis. This feature enables VSPs to install the VMG8 in any headend, hub or other network location regardless of the existing electrical infrastructure.

The VMG-8 and the VMG-14 also benefit from recent enhancements to the TCM transcoder module, enabling transcoding of up to 60 SD or HD inputs and 240 adaptive bitrate outputs per VMG8 chassis and up to 132 SD or HD inputs and 528 outputs per VMG14 chassis.

All VMG chassis come with intuitive HTTP/Java-based control, while also offering SNMP support for integration into a facility-wide network management system. With reduced input/output Ethernet cabling, in-chassis redundancy and intuitive browser-based control, the VMG product line is unmatched in providing the lowest total cost of operation.

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