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Connected TVs stalled by replacement cycle

August 22, 2011

The adoption of connected TVs will be slower than other devices because of the longer replacement cycle of big screen TVs says researcher STL. It says that despite the optimism for the connected TV market, replacement cycles are a challenge.

STL assumes an installed base of 60 million units in the UK and assumes that all of the 9.5 million TVs sold in 2010 are replacements and not simply increasing the number of sets per household. This it says implies a replacement cycle currently roughly every six years at a minimum.

“While we expect internet connectivity to become a pretty standard feature with TV over the next couple of years we are sceptical about their active use for viewing video. The content offering is currently too limited. We would be surprised if within a couple of years, there are more than one million homes regularly using TVs to watch video over the internet,” it said.


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