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Masstech and Quotium announce joint marketing and integration of products

August 31, 2011

Masstech, tprovider of all-in-one media asset management (MAM) solutions and archive protection software vendor, Quotium Technologies have agreed to a collaboration framework to facilitate the joint marketing of both companies’ product lines and the integration of Masstech’s powerful Cobalt with Quotium’s proactive monitoring software.

Masstech and Quotium are both looking to take advantage of this strategic technical and business alliance to bolster their product portfolios, tap new markets and increase their respective market share. Both companies have complementary products that improve performance and efficiency in broadcast workflows.

Fernando Moreira, VP product Marketing at Quotium Technologies said: “Working collaboratively with Masstech, we have developed a strong relationship which turns our mutual knowledge of the broadcast industry into high value added solutions for clients. We are committed to working with key partners such as Masstech to continue to develop tailored solutions which meet the specific needs of the broadcast industry.”

Integrating Quotium’s StorSentry proactive tape infrastructure management solution into Masstech’s Cobalt solution will consolidate proactive monitoring capabilities at both the data tape and drive level, delivering enhanced security to tape storage infrastructure. Quotium’s StorSentry is used to anticipate malfunction problems affecting the hardware and software infrastructure, whereas Masstech’s Cobalt monitoring solution monitors the health of Masstech’s Emerald, TOPAZ and CatchBLUE MAM solutions, proactively predicting problems before they arise. Creating a hybrid of both products will result in an integrated best-of-breed solution that enables more efficient operations for broadcasters.

Brad Redwood, Vice President International Sales and Marketing at Masstech said: “Quotium has many years of experience working with media and drive monitoring, and we have leveraged this knowledge to allow our customers to gain improvements in content security and tape/drive error identification. We see Quotium as providing a highly innovative solution which not only reduces the loss of data, particularly for the latest generation of Terabytes media and drives but most importantly, it brings greater peace of mind to our clients who need to preserve and protect their business critical media assets.”

Masstech strategic partnerships with leading providers of complementary broadcast technologies ensure that broadcast customers are afforded not only powerful capabilities to manage their content, but also the latest, most up-to-date security features to protect it. “By working with vendors like Quotium, we can offer our customers complete end-to-end seamless media workflow solutions with an added level of data security,” said Redwood.

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