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Verimatrix in Cryptography Research licensing deal

September 2, 2011

Cryptography Research and Verimatrix, specialist in securing and enhancing revenue for multi-screen digital TV services, have inked a deal that sees Verimatrix license Cryptography Research’s CryptoFirewall security core technology to help build advanced solutions protecting video delivery revenue streams.

“Content piracy and theft of service are major commercial concerns for our system operator customers, as well as the community of content owners. We are continually evolving our layered approach to embedded security to stay ahead of potential attacks,” said Tom Munro, CEO at Verimatrix, who added that the CryptoFirewall core complemented and reinforced Verimatrix’s full range of revenue security solutions.

The CryptoFirewall is a self-contained ASIC security core that provides a secure hardware foundation for signal security applications. The core is designed to protect cryptographic keys and computations within a chip even if surrounding components are compromised. The CryptoFirewall core is integrated directly into leading video decoding system-on-chips, providing a robust and cost-effective solution that is complementary with conditional access (CA) solutions.

Paul Kocher, president and chief scientist at Cryptography Research, said the company’s hardware cores helped provide a solid and cost-effective foundation that enabled software security technologies to address threats to service revenue more effectively.


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