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Aston presents a pilot of a Catch Up TV solution via satellite

September 12, 2011

Aston, a major player on the international digital television market for 20 years, is proud to be presenting an exclusive preview of its Catch Up TV via satellite solution at IBC. This new solution is a response to growing demand for access to on-demand TV channels in non-linear mode for all households, wherever they are located.

Aston is presenting this application on its Fransat DIVA HD PREMIUM receiver, by adapting its software, ease of use and user interface.

The viewer will find it easy to use – via the ASTON DIVA HD PREMIUM receiver, the user has access to the ARTE+7 service which compiles the channel’s programmes for the previous 7 days in order to offer free VOD access to them. The ARTE+7 service available with this solution is broadcasted in “push broadcast” mode via the EUTELSAT ATLANTIC BIRD 3 satellite and relies on the FRANSAT platform. Content is then stored on an external hard disk connected to ASTON DIVA HD PREMIUM receiver, providing easy, intuitive access. Accessing the ARTE+7 programmes mosaic couldn’t be easier – the user navigates in the menu (change channels, record, etc) via the intuitive SMART KEY® shortcut buttons on the remote.

In order to develop this innovative solution, Aston has surrounded itself with key partners from the satellite TV market – QUADRILLE for the operating platform, ARTE for editorial content and FRANSAT as programme operator by satellite.

The service presented by ASTON is a new and unique experience in Europe! Developed in partnership with QUADRILLE and with the support of FRANSAT and ARTE, it offers viewers the opportunity to catch up with ARTE (ARTE+7) programmes via satellite. Thanks to Push VOD technology, this application enables viewers that can only access to Television programmes through satellite broadcasting to access the ARTE Catch Up programme schedule .

The application is based on the PUSH VOD operating platform developed by QUADRILLE, which enables files in push mode to be sent via satellite networks. The solution is compliant with all conditional access systems on the market, and all file formats used by all operators in the marketplace. It will also benefit from the advantage satellite technology has in universally broadcasting content. By demonstrating this solution, ASTON is once again putting innovation and performance at the heart of its business strategy, which can only be good for viewers!

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