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Facebook: We’ll connect TV to 750m friends

September 12, 2011

Joanna Shields, Facebook’s European chief, told IBC that the social network could win broadcasters 750 million ‘friends’ who would be brand ambassadors for their services. She said Facebook would improve their marketing and make their content more valuable.

“Average users have 130 friends if they all share your content that’s 17,000 and if they all do that’s two million. We can help you target campaigns to deliver your content or advertising to more people.”

Shileds referenced several recent deals including Miramax where Facebook credits can be used to buy films. She said the network wasn’r interested in creating original content and revealed that 1.3 million people had engaged with its recent Doctor Who partnership.

Shileds was a Google exec who went on to run Bebo and successfully sell it to Time Warner for $850 million – they subsequently gave it away to Criterion Capital.


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