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C4 interactive ads

September 15, 2011

Channel 4 has a new line-up of interactive video ad formats aimed at forging closer relationships between its viewers and advertisers. The broadcaster has released four formats – Ad Bloom, Ad Interact, Ad Pop and Ad Social – to complement its existing ad-selector format Ad Elect.

Each of the formats features different ways for viewers to interact with the ads ahead of VoD shows. Advertisers that adopt the Ad Bloom format will have the option to provide video content, product features and photos, all of which feature in an expandable campaign site embedded within the video player.

The Ad Interact format centres on viewers providing details in exchange for offers, competitions or coupons, without leaving the player page. The type of details required will depend on the advertiser, according to head of Future and Digital Media advertising Errol Baran.

Meanwhile, the Social format contains the option for viewers to Like, recommend, follow or check-in with a brand from within the player on social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. The Ad Pop format provides viewers with a “pop-out product” within the pre-roll ad, which they can then explore via interactive overlays over the product. These can include additional details and images related to the product.

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