Neotion presents 3 innovations at IBC

Neotion is very pleased to communicate you these three press releases concerning three innovations which were demonstrated on the Neotion booth during the show.

Innovation 1 : Neotion NFC CAM
Neotion and Alcineo present the world’s first Conditional Access Module (CAM) with built-in NFC technology! The Neotion CAM with NFC technology provides a wireless connection system allowing highly secure data exchange between TV, CAM and mobile devices: payment per session, monthly subscriptions, purchase of virtual content, identity certification and a much more revolutionary feature: authorising the transfer of access rights or the use of audio-visual content from one electronic device to another simply by swiping, without risk of piracy, copying or copyright theft.

Innovation 2 : Neotion Zoosh CAM
Neotion enables the world’s first phone to Conditional Access Module (CAM) transaction using Naratte’s Zoosh Technology ! CAM technology powered by Zoosh(tm) allows TVs to communicate with Phone/Tablets using inaudible sound eliminating the need for an NFC chipset on these CE equipments.

Innovation 3 : Neotion GSM CAM
The first Conditional Access Module (CAM) with GSM technology embedded by Neotion! Once inserted into the DVB-CI Plus slots of all digital television sets, Neotion’s GSM CAM immediately and very simply establishes a connection to the telephone and internet network via the GSM 2G or 3G networks belonging to mobile telephone operators. This opens up a huge number of opportunities for pay-TV operators, in particular being able to make use of an extremely widely deployed GSM communications network and offering users – whether subscribers or otherwise – access to all their television services, both linear and non-linear.

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