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Pace enables multiroom DVR experience with DirecTV

September 19, 2011

Pace has announced that the company’s HR34 server is the central hub in the DirecTV Home Media Centre, set to launch October 2011.  With its unique multiple connectivity capabilities, the HR34 enables the a fully interconnected DVR experience.

Pace’s HR34 is a cost-effective, large capacity server that delivers full DVR capabilities, including HD-DVR functionality, for each ‘client’ device, such as set-top boxes and connected TVs.  The HR34 includes one-terabyte of storage in a single central hub, eliminating the need for hard drives within individual devices.

With the HR34, all connected devices within the home-network have access to stored recordings in the DirecTV Home Media Centre, and are able to pause live video, bookmark programs and resume playback in other rooms. The HR34 also allows users to set recordings from any connected device. It enables consumers to move content and interact with entertainment in line with how they move around their homes.

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