Advanced Television

“Outrage” over Ofcom audio decision

September 20, 2011

By Chris Forrester

Ofcom has created a severe headache for the professional audio sector in the UK. ProSound News is reporting that Ofcom, which in October last year appointed Equinity to administer the clearing of Channel 69 in the 800 MHz band, is now preparing to sell equipment into the band, even though that equipment “will be illegal in a year’s time,” states ProSound’s Paul Watson.

Ofcom’s comments are that proceeds from sale of equipment is being used to offset the cost of the funding scheme. UK equipment buyers must be told that by October 1st 2012 they must dispose of the equipment or convert the kit to use Channel 38.

The British Entertainment Industry Radio Group (BEIRG) says it has “repeatedly warned Ofcom” about the risks of its actions. BEIRG says that Ofcom/Equiniti’s actions may damage the attractiveness of the 800MHz band for mobile operators.

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