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OMVC profiles for US mobile TV

September 23, 2011

As US broadcasters prepare to launch robust mobile DTV programming, the Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC) has developed a set of comprehensive Device Profile guidelines to assist consumer electronics manufacturers in developing Mobile DTV products. The Profiles are baseline technical guidelines that give manufacturers details about how broadcasters will implement new services and the details needed to build consumer products that receive Mobile DTV.

The Mobile DTV Device Profiles were developed jointly by the OMVC’s Mobile DTV Forum, which represents consumer device and broadcast equipment manufacturers and software and middleware providers, and the OMVC’s Technology Advisory Group, which is made up of broadcasters from member companies.

“As the concept of Mobile Digital Television becomes a commercial reality, consumer electronics manufacturers need guidelines on receiver device features and functionalities that will provide robust reception capability and interoperability with broadcasters,” said Anne Schelle, OMVC Executive Director. “The end goal is an enjoyable and secure Mobile DTV experience for our viewers. We are looking forward to the introduction of both new programming options and new personal devices that will take full advantage of the Mobile DTV standard.”

“Conditional access is a control system to protect content from viewing by unauthorised parties, to permit robust audience measurement and to enable potential subscription services,” Schelle explained. “Mobile DTV content will be a combination of free viewing and paid viewing.”

The Mobile DTV Forum’s detailed Device Profiles are available to download here.

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