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Sony stops paying for 3D glasses

September 29, 2011

Sony movie studios are to drop the subsidy of 3D glasses issued to US moviegoers. Currently movie theatres issue ‘free’ RealD-supplied glasses, which are paid for by Sony Corp.

The action comes into force next May according to a warning letter sent to cinema owners by Sony. Sony Pictures spokesman Steve Elzer said in a statement that “there are constructive ways to deal with the cost of 3-D glasses that will not adversely impact consumers and can also help the environment.” He called on theatre owners to come to the table to work out the issue.

The decision could not have come at a worse time. 3D fans are bemoaning the lack of quality 3D movie content and the higher prices charged for 3D movies, which doesn’t go down well in this period of economic pressure.

Sony has two 3D blockbuster films coming out next spring in the shape of The Amazing Spiderman and Men in Black III.




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