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Mo-DV offers cross-platform delivery solution

October 17, 2011

Mo-DV (Mobile Digital Video), an innovator of multimedia content delivery via USB Flash Drives and Micro SD Cards, says it has developed a new technology that solves the format problems between mobile devices, HDTV sets, and other consumer electronic devices, with issued patents. The new medium enables users to play content on mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and HDTVs. The Mo-DV technology and patents also apply to rapid Kiosk content delivery in addition to pre-loaded or downloaded content.

“The consumer market for movies on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and smart TVs is now looking for help from Mo-DV,” commented Jessica Fullmer, CEO of Mo-DV. “Our new common media enables these users to play content on their mobile devices. Mo-DV provides secure and economical multimedia content delivery universally for all devices via SD Micro Cards and USB Flash Drives. I like to refer to this new form of content delivery as our triple A: Any device, Any place, Anytime.”

The technology automatically orients and sizes content to fit different screen sizes and shapes, ranging from low to full high-resolution HD. It incorporates Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology, protecting content from being illegally copied.

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