Advanced Television

Siano Android apps for CMMB DTV

October 18, 2011

Siano Mobile Silicon, a global supplier of digital mobile TV receiver chips, has confirmed the launch of Kàn, an advanced DTV player application for the reception of CMMB live TV broadcasts on Android devices.

Based on Siano’s proprietary DTV technology, Kàn is the first member in Siano’s Android player family that meets both CMCC (China Mobile Communications Corporation) and CBC (China Broadcast Corporation) requirements, targeting the popular Android-based platform. Comprised of customer-ready CMMB middleware and a unique GUI application, Kàn is deployed using Siano’s family of single-die (RF tuner and demodulator) CMMB receiver chips. On top of the basic DTV player features, Kàn includes an ESG (Electronic Service Guide) with programming information up to two days in advance, specific programme search, programme reminder and emergency broadcast support.

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