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FTC ensures TV quality and operational cost savings with Mariner’s service monitoring solution

October 27, 2011

Farmers Telephone Cooperative(FTC) has deployed xVu, Mariner’s award-winning IPTV service assurance platform. This end-to-end solution ensures quality of TV experience to FTC’s customers while providing operational cost savings through performance insight all the way back to the head-end.

FTC has taken advantage of Mariner’s xVu product suite (SupportVu, NetworkVu and ReportVu), from the TV service installation to continuous real-time monitoring of the customer’s service. The xVu solution has the following material benefits throughout the TV deliver chain:

– SupportVu, Mariner’s help desk tool, is used to ‘green light’ the installation of the FTC Vision digital TV service. The challenge of delivering a new service and the deployment of state-of-the-art equipment means a more complex install. SupportVu gives the Install and Repair (I&R) technicians a quick and easy way to verify the installation and confirm everything is working properly. SupportVu also verifies that a repair was successfully done; in both cases avoiding a costly second truck roll.

– NetworkVu, a troubleshooting tool, is used to monitor end-to-end quality of TV service and help proactively identify problems on the network. At FTC, a recent silent network failure undetected by traditional network monitoring tools was discovered and alerted with NetworkVu. Channel issues have also been isolated with this tool as well. Numerous help desk calls have been avoided.

– ReportVu, is used to monitor IPTV service usage and performance, helping reduce churn by flagging “at risk” customers. ReportVu demonstrates trends across various key performance indicators of overall IPTV service health.

“The xVu suite has given us unprecedented insight to our digital TV service performance. Key to assuring the quality of our IPTV services are the real-time end-to-end view and pinpointing the scope of any problem and localizing it in the distribution chain,” said Jay Brown, Chief Network Officer of FTC. “The savings on installation and repairs alone have fast-tracked the deployment of our digital service to more than 14,000 customers.”

”Mariner is very pleased to be working with the team at FTC in delivering a very high quality TV service to their customers,” states Curtis Howe, President and CEO of Mariner. “FTC represents one of the best examples of the range of benefits to be realized from xVu, from an extensive verification of the TV service installation to monitoring at risk customers due to quality issues.”

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