Advanced Television

OTT for Singapore’s MediaCorp

November 3, 2011

Advanced media browser solutions provider Oregan Networks has revealed that it has been selected by MediaCorp, Singapore’s leading media company, as a key enabler of its up-coming Over-the-Top (OTT) interactive TV service on set-top boxes.

Oregan Media Browser provides the media player and run-time environment for the User Interface applications, which allow users to interact with live and on-demand content via on-screen graphical overlays.

The new service is designed to take advantage of the country’s highly developed broadband infrastructure and the upcoming next generation broadband network for delivery of its vast library of content to Singaporeans. In addition to live TV, ‘catch-up’ services and video on demand (VoD), MediaCorp plans to incorporate both standalone and contextual browser-based applications, such as voting, social networking, and related content.

Mark Perry, Oregan’s CEO, said the new MediaCorp service was a significant project that signalled the advent of true convergence in the Singapore market.

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