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STMicro reveals most integrated chip

November 4, 2011

STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor expert, has unveiled its most highly integrated chip for interactive high-definition PVR cable STBs, which it claims will significantly reduce equipment design, cost, and certification challenges for its customers. ST is also supporting its new IC, the STiH225, with a reference design that simplifies first-time certification of new designs that meet applicable Data over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) and EuroDOCSIS standards.

The STiH225 integrates a complete interactive cable STB processor and analogue/digital interface on a single chip. It combines the functions of ST’s STi7141 cable STB system-on-chip and STV0130 3-channel analogue front end with an Ethernet physical interface. Leveraging the architectural advantages of the STi7141, the STiH225 features dual-core processing, which ensures full performance is always available for set-top box functions and for broadband communication. The STiH225 is fully software compatible with the STi7141, allowing customers to migrate designs quickly and easily to the new device, taking advantage of DOCSIS 2.0 certification and support for Internet Protocol v6.

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