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Americans ready to cut the cord?

November 10, 2011

Coinciding with the launch of its Wireless HD Net Connect product, a study from Philips suggests that the adoption of online video content may motivate some Americans to cancel or downgrade cable subscriptions.

The study found that the vast majority (80 per cent) of people who watch video content online do so on laptops, and nearly half (45 per cent) say having the ability to send the content wirelessly to their high definition TV would motivate them to either downgrade or cancel their cable plans altogether.

“People will continue to shift away from traditional means of entertainment, like cable, to new forms available online,” said Lisa Phelan, Senior Director of Marketing for Philips. “However, watching on the small screen of your laptop takes away from the immersion of the big screen and ability to comfortably share the experience with others.”

The launch of Wireless HD Net Connect comes at a time when consumers are putting more of an emphasis on at-home entertainment. In fact, the study found that three in five Americans (61 per cent) say they seek technology that will maximise their home entertainment experience and more than 90 per cent of consumers believe wireless technology is the way of the future.

Other findings indicate:

  • More Online Viewing: One in three consumers is watching more online video content than one year ago, and 55 per cent of 18-34 year-olds watch online content more than four times a week.
  • Quitting Cable: Nearly half of people who watch online content say the ability wirelessly to send content from their laptop to their TV would motivate them to consider downgrading or cancelling their cable subscriptions.
  • Leaving the Laptop: Of people who watch video content online, a large majority (59 per cent) wish they could view content from their laptop on their TV.
  • Wisdom of Wireless: Nearly 90 per cent (87 per cent) of 18-34 year-olds prefer wireless devices to those with cords.

Philips Wireless HD Net Connect allows consumers wirelessly to stream their favourite online content directly to their high definition television in HD 1080p/60 resolution. The product works exclusively with HDMI equipped laptops or PCs and HDTVs and can stream content from a laptop up to 25-feet away from the HDTV without a delay in the signal.

Philips suggests that with some watching online video content several times a week, the Wireless HD Net Connect provides an easy plug-and-play solution for consumers wanting to watch a range of online content – including movies, television shows, games and personal photos and videos – on their televisions.

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