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Telefonica breaks pay-TV loss trend

November 11, 2011

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Telefonica-owned IPTV service Movistar Imagenio gained 20,000 clients in the third quarter of the year bringing the total to 804,000, up four per cent on a year earlier, and breaking the loss trend experienced in the first half of the year.

Globally, Telefonica reached 3.2 million pay-TV subs by the end of the third quarter, up 18 per cent against the previous year, mainly due to its penetration in Latin America. In the American continent, Telefonica has 2.2 million subscribers with its Brazilian subsidiary reaching 693,000 pay TV customers, up 49 per cent and its Chilean one standing at 381,000, up 18 per cent. In Peru, Telefónica grew by  nine per cent while in Colombia it totalled 246,000 accesses.

In Europe, its Czech subsidiary remained flat at 131,000 customers.

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