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3DTV: Passive vs Active battle gets legal

November 24, 2011

Korean electronics giant LG recently carried out a comparison test of its passive 3DTV technology with that of its 3D rivals’ ‘Active Shutter’ methods. LG used 4,000 ordinary Australian shoppers in a number of Westfield shopping malls to compare and contrast the technologies, and their ‘votes’ massively favoured LG’s Cinema 3DTV system over that of Samsung and Sony.

The tests were independently carried out by TNS Global, and found that 82 per cent of those sampled preferred the LG technology.

The Sydney Morning Herald, quoting well-placed sources, says Sony has sent legal threats to LG challenging the test results, and arguing that it would be dangerously misleading to use these results in any sort of advertising campaign.

LG’s Korean rival Samsung already has legal actions running against LG’s claims that their sets are better, and in particular arguing that LG’s ‘passive’ system only shows 540 lines of image, whereas ‘active’ systems (from the likes of Samsung, Sony and Panasonic) can show ‘full’ 3D, that is up to 1080p lines to each eye, depending on the broadcast.

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