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Integrated hybrid IP solution from Rovi and Pace

December 2, 2011

Digital entertainment solutions provider Rovi and developer of products and services for broadband and broadcast operators Pace are combining respective strengths in applications and service platforms, and in hardware and middleware, jointly to develop an integrated hybrid Internet Protocol (IP) solution. The new solution, targeted to be available in the USA, Canada, and Latin America, will be designed to help service providers develop and deliver new, advanced subscriber services that allow them to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Pace and Rovi expect to design the joint solution to utilise Pace’s hybrid video gateway platforms, and to feature a new Rovi TotalGuide search and discovery platform based on a customisable application and service framework. The joint solution is expected to use standard web technologies such as HTML 5 and be powered by Rovi Cloud Services.

The solution will be designed to integrate easily with the existing cable ecosystem in the Americas. As both Rovi and Pace technologies are already widely deployed in the pay-TV industry, the new solution is expected to build on their existing infrastructures, accelerating service providers’ time-to-market and the speed at which they can transition to cloud-based services.

“Our complementary products and broad footprints put Pace and Rovi in a strong position to launch a solution that can help service providers successfully compete in a rapidly shifting entertainment marketplace,” said Mike Pulli, President, Pace Americas. “Together, we intend to give service providers the tools to offer their users a superior entertainment experience and flexible service platform, helping them to make sure that their services can really stand out in the market, and be adapted quickly to support the latest consumer trends and opportunities.”

The combined solution will be designed with the goal of giving service providers control over how and when they innovate and develop their cloud-based services. It is expected to incorporate Pace’s advanced hybrid video gateway devices, which offer service providers unparalleled performance, reliability and flexibility for delivering next generation broadcast and IP entertainment services. Working with the Pace gateways and middleware, the Rovi TotalGuide experience is expected to be entirely rendered in an embedded browser. Such an implementation could enable fast customization and service additions, as well as delivering a consistent experience across multiple devices, from TVs to smartphones and tablets.

“As a market leader in gateways and set-top boxes, Pace is an ideal collaborator to help develop a solution that is compatible with the current infrastructure, while also providing the customisation capabilities service providers need to deliver distinct offerings,” said Corey Ferengul, EVP Products at Rovi. “We believe the flexibility, ease, and technological power of our planned hybrid solution holds great promise for service providers and for consumers, who can ultimately benefit from a richer palette of entertainment features and capabilities.”

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