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HD kids package for ‘n’

December 19, 2011

In a move to expand its children’s film and TV programme offerings, Platform ‘n’ is launching a new kids package that will consist of Nickelodeon HD, which marks the introduction of the first kids and youth HD channel for Poland’s leading pay TV satellite service.  Bundling Nickelodeon HD, along with the three other new channels to be known as Kids XL package, the new suite of channels will bring a wide selection of kids programming that focuses on fun, learning and family values as well as kid-friendly content that promotes a healthy and active family lifestyle.

Additionally, Platform ‘n’ also announced it will add Nick Jr., aimed at preschoolers and their parents to its existing kids package, which also includes Nickelodeon –first of the three Nickelodeon services available in Poland.
In making the announcement, Christian Anting, Vice President and COO of Platform ‘n,’ noted that according to a recent customer survey conducted by Platform n, the majority of its subscribers were satisfied with the Platform n pay-tv service, but subscribers’ level of satisfaction was lower with regard to the children’s channels available through the service.

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