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UAE pirate faces $1m fine for illegal TV downloads

December 21, 2011

An Emirati Internet pirate apprehended by Abu Dhabi police for downloading and distributing subscription TV content is facing a fine of nearly $1 million.

The Arabian Anti-Piracy Alliance (AAA) filed a complaint on behalf of pay-TV network OSN with Abu Dhabi police and a local Emirati citizen was arrested on 802 counts of piracy violations.

When questioned by authorities, the pirate confessed to operating a website which helped millions of computer users to illegally download subscription-only OSN content.

OSN subscription terms and conditions stipulate a minimum penalty of $1,200 per piracy act. “The total amount of contractual damages reached $962,400 which the pirate was asked to compensate OSN in violations of his OSN subscription contract,” the TV network said in a statement.

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