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CES to see 55” OLED

December 22, 2011

By Chris Forrester

Samsung is widely reported to be bringing a 55” OLED TV set to the giant Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January. Organic Light Emitting Diode-equipped sets are likely to win 25 per cent market share by 2020.

There’s no mention of price for the new 55” monster, which is likely to be high given the cutting edge technology involved. However, with Samsung’s existing LED-lit  55” smart 3D-TVs already selling extremely well the OLED-equipped unit is not expected to be too much of a premium.

OLED-equipped sets are more energy efficient, run cooler, are thinner and thus lighter in weight and are claimed to produce deeper colours.

The Korean-made sets are likely to hit the stores later in 2012. Currently the largest commercially available OLED is a 40” unit, also from Samsung. Rival LG is also known to be working on OLED units, and LG’s TV boss Kwon Hee-won, speaking at the IFA show in Berlin in August, said LG would start producing its own OLED televisions in 2012-2013.

A study from Goldman Sachs suggested that OLED displays would have a 25 per cent market share by 2020.

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