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AirTies partners with BitTorrent

January 10, 2012

AirTies, the wireless networking and set-top box vendor, and BitTorrent, a leading P2P company, announced a partnership to certify AirTies devices to be compatible with the BitTorrent ecosystem of technology protocols, consumer software, and consumer electronics solutions. BitTorrent Certification will make it easy for owners of AirTies devices to find, share and move personal media from the PC to other devices in their life.


AirTies will brand devices for sale in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey as BitTorrent Certified and will also provide existing customers with an easy software upgrade to add BitTorrent features to devices already deployed in the field. Certified Device types will include network-attached storage devices (NAS), set-top boxes, and popular home router lines. The embedded BitTorrent features will enable consumers to enjoy HD home movies, high-resolution smartphone videos and photos, and independently produced content on AirTies devices.


“The massive files generated by this latest generation of smartphones, digital SLRs, and HD camcorders are driving demand for NAS and set-top box devices in the home, not to mention better routers. The key is make these files easily consumable on all of the other devices in your home and make it even easier to share them directly with friends,” said Tuncay Cil, VP, Product Management at AirTies. “The BitTorrent ecosystem provides a compelling solution for personal media using a renowned technology that complements our devices. It’s ideal because we can offer this extra functionality to our existing users plus new customers. We’re very pleased to be using BitTorrent technology to offer our users an easy solution to an ongoing challenge.”



“Personal media files are becoming bigger and bigger because the resolution of recording devices such as mobile phones, video cameras and still cameras continues to improve. However, Internet bandwitdh constraints and consumer electronics devices that playback this content often limit consumers’ ability to enjoy their personal media in the same quality at which is was recorded,” said Shahi Ghanem, chief strategy officer for BitTorrent. “Peer-based technology is extremely efficient and provides an effective way for everyday people to move massive files over the Internet. AirTies’ devices are already installed in millions of homes and Certifying their devices to be compatible with the BitTorrent ecosystem will ensure that AirTies’ users can access all of their high-quality personal media at any time, on any screen.”


The BitTorrent ecosystem is an integrated solution of peer-based technology protocols, consumer software, and consumer electronics devices, all orchestrated to help over 150 million users move their personal media from their PCs into the living room. BitTorrent Certification enables consumer electronics manufacturers to leverage the speed of the BitTorrent protocol and key downloading, transcoding, sharing and media-shifting features. The result is that their devices will seamlessly play BitTorrent content using a simple 10 foot user interface controlled by 4 or 7 button remotes for TVs, BD/DVD players, set top boxes, network addressable storage media adapters and more.





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