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Rovi TotalGuide G2 for connected devices

January 10, 2012

Rovi Corporation has unveiled TotalGuide G2, a second-generation, unified entertainment discovery and access solution for consumer electronics (CE) manufacturers. The newly architected solution is expected to enable CE manufacturers to define and market differentiated products that help enrich the entertainment experience for consumers, drive product usage and satisfaction, and generate new streams of revenue.

TotalGuide G2 will bring together a comprehensive range of Rovi technologies and services such as multimedia rich and deeply descriptive entertainment data, personalized search and recommendations, multi-source video access and control, and interactive advertising. The latest solution will use social media commentary to enhance entertainment discovery and enjoyment, provide new access to high-quality original web programming including short-form content, and enable easy integration of third-party over-the-top digital entertainment storefronts – including services powered by Rovi Entertainment Store such as Best Buy CinemaNow.

“The home entertainment transformation is resulting in consumer access to more content; however, it is also exacerbating an old problem of how to quickly find something meaningful among the near infinite sources available,” said Corey Ferengul, executive vice president of products, Rovi. “Expanding on our vision of integrated discovery and enjoyment, TotalGuide G2 is designed to help our customers deliver distinct market solutions that make sense of what might otherwise be disparate content sources and environments. At the same time, TotalGuide G2 is flexible enough to enable manufacturers to deliver an entertainment experience that’s unique to them.”

Using functionality delivered through Rovi Cloud Services, TotalGuide G2 will allow manufacturers to easily configure a feature set and custom user interface, based on either HTML or Flash, that’s unique to them and meets the specific needs of a product line or target device. Lightweight and planned to be integration ready for a broad range of connected platforms, TotalGuide G2 is expected to help manufacturers enrich their products to provide users with deeply engaging entertainment experiences that expose them to the full-range of content available on their devices.

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