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Report: Sky should help UK films more

January 16, 2012

A government report into the future of the UK film industry has called on ITV and Sky to invest more money in British films.

The Film Policy Review Panel, led by Lord Chris Smith, the former Culture Secretary, also recommended a new programme to bring film education to every school and a renewed commitment to combat piracy.

Smith said UK broadcasters should spend more money on British films and singled out ITV and BSkyB for not investing enough. “There are two broadcasters doing very little to support British film – ITV and Sky – who we believe should be doing more both in terms of investing in British production and in their acquisition policies.”

“We have suggested the government sits down with each of the broadcasters to see if an agreement can be reached to ensure greater investment in and acquisition of British films. We have also suggested that if agreement turns out to be impossible it is something the government might turn its attention to in the Communications Act which is proposed for some time in the next year or two. We hope that won’t be necessary and broadcasters would want to step up to the plate voluntarily.”

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