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ScheduALL continued growth

January 20, 2012

ScheduALL, a global provider of Enterprise Resource Management software for the broadcast and media industry, today announced continued aggressive growth during the year ending December 31st, 2011 with double digit earnings, a revenue increase of 27% over the prior year, and a strong fourth quarter at 40% over Q4 of 2010.

Despite a turbulent economy, ScheduALL’s innovative new products are enabling their media and broadcast customers around the world to grow their top line revenues and profits by increasing their production while maintaining or reducing costs.

In 2011, ScheduALL reported numerous enterprise-level wins with many of the largest transmission and broadcasting organizations in the U.S., France, Germany, Spain, Russia and the Middle East. The company is also broadening its base across Asia via strategic partnerships and a large network of integrators and resellers.

“ScheduALL continues to grow year over year, and I remain confident about our business and the quality of customers we are able to serve. We have a truly special team of employees and a remarkable group of media and broadcast client partners who are making this success possible.” said Joel Ledlow, CEO of ScheduALL. “We will continue listening to our clients, and we will continue delivering on our commitments to the industry. ScheduALL is uniquely positioned for a great 2012.”

Additional contributors to ScheduALL’s growth are its faster time to market with new solutions. Over the past two years, ScheduALL has developed unique collaboration products ranging from interoperability solutions, a system-to-system collaboration platform and freelancer management tools, as well as workflow solutions and a mobile platform for scheduling.

Ledlow further commented, “We still have work ahead of us, but our solutions and long term vision are clearly resonating across our ever evolving and dynamic industry. It is an exciting time to serve.”

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