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Wiztivi develops iConcertson Toshiba and Panasonic connected TVs

January 30, 2012

iConcerts, the first global provider of HD live music contents, continues its international development with
Wiztivi and presents its VOD services on Panasonic and Toshiba connected TVs.

iConcerts offers a service of music content through a multi-media experience (TV, web, telephone, IPTV, PCTV,
VOD and Connected TV). Thus, iConcerts stands as a leader in the provision of an innovative, cross-media
Entertainment service dedicated to live music.

Watch your favourite artists live among more than 1300 concerts, browsing by genre or artist, or by making your own playlists.

iConcerts commented: “For us, this collaboration has been the way to express our vision of a “new generation” service. We have designed our application to ensure the quality of the TV and the accessibility of the Internet including with the objectives of simplicity and user friendliness! We hope to open new digital horizons to music fans, to participate in creating new modes of content consumption and to emphasise the close relationship between artists and fans.”

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