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France 24 connected TV app

February 1, 2012

France 24 is launching a new application for connected television sets. The application will enable users to watch the France 24 news channel live in its three language versions and also tune into its global on-demand programmes.

The application will be “multi-screen” (mobile, tablets, etc.). It is part of a wider multimedia strategy that enables users to create their own “basket” of programmes, regardless of the type of terminal and operating system they are using. Users will also be able to share all the content made available to them on the social networks using the Twitter and Facebook buttons located on the right hand side of the main screen.

A first version of this application is already being deployed by several eminent manufacturers (Philips, Toshiba, Sharp, TechniSat, Boxee) and is available on one HBB TV interactive portal in France (MesServicesTV). France 24 has also signed several agreements with television manufacturers which will integrate the application in the first quarter of 2012:

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