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GO selects Agama for end-to-end IPTV quality assurance

February 8, 2012

Agama Technologies, the DTV quality assurance expert, has announced that GO, Malta’s leading telecommunications provider, has selected a complete Agama DTV Monitoring Solution for its IPTV ecosystem. The deployed solution will be integrated into existing support tools and processes across the organisation to ensure delivery of high-quality video services to all ‘GO interactive tv’ subscribers.

Part of a constant strive to improve customer experience for all offered services, GO has run an extensive trial programme for an effective IPTV service quality monitoring solution. As a result, the telco chose Agama to provide a tailored video quality assurance solution reaching from the headend all the way to the point of actual service consumption, giving an unprecedented end-to-end understanding of the service distribution to each individual subscriber. Through integration of the solution into existing support tools and processes, across all support teams, GO anticipates to have a powerful foundation for an efficient and proactive TV service operation, as well as for a well-informed and cost-effective customer support.

“As the leading quad-play telecommunications and entertainment company in Malta, we place great emphasis on the reliability of our services,” says Dr. Michael Mertsch, Chief Technical Officer at GO. “GO interactive tv was launched last year and for such an innovative product, it is crucial to ensure that the customer has a positive experience which he or she will then promote to others. This is why we took great care in selecting the right partner when it comes to quality assurance, enabling us to monitor that our systems are flawlessly delivering HD TV service, and providing our customer service with the right tools to detect and fix problems efficiently.”

“Following a thorough evaluation of different solutions for IPTV quality assurance, the Agama DTV Monitoring Solution proved to be a smooth fit to GO’s ecosystem,” says Mikael Dahlgren, CEO at Agama Technologies. “It’s an honour to again be selected by a leading telco as the preferred choice of quality assurance partner, and it’s with great pleasure we deliver our trusted solution and field expertise to support GO in keeping service quality and customer satisfaction high, as well as operating expenses low.”

The real-time video service quality monitoring solution will provide GO with full insight in the distributed service quality from the headend egress, with the  Agama Analyzer, to each individual subscriber, with the Agama Embedded Monitoring Solution seamlessly integrated with all deployed Entone Kamai(TM) Hybrid OTT Receivers. By processing, correlating and presenting massive amounts of QoE and QoS information, together with service usage and system health, aggregated from all monitoring locations, the central Agama Enterprise Server gives instantaneous end-to-end overviews of the delivered video service quality and shows the extent of any problem and its position in the distribution chain. With the inclusion of Agama’s Performance Management, a unique strategic dimension to GO’s quality assurance activities is added by providing advanced custom reports on refined quality data for service benchmarking, trend analysis, proactive customer service activities and much more.

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