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Syria jamming news channels

February 8, 2012

By Chris Forrester

Syria is continuing to jam the satellite signals of broadcasters such as Al Jazeera. Osama Saeed, a spokesman for the Al Jazeera news channel in Doha, Qatar, said the disruption is coming from the Syrian capital, Damascus. Al Jazeera is advising viewers to switch to a different frequency to access coverage, he said.

The signal jamming, now notoriously familiar with many Middle East broadcasters suffering, has been verified by Eutelsat as coming from within Syria.  Saudi-owned Al Arabiya TV channel, which is also transmitted via Eutelsat’s popular Hot Bird satellites, is facing similar issues.

Iran is regularly accused of jamming incoming signals, and has been blamed for disrupting signals from the BBC, Deutsche Welle, Voice of America and others.

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