200%+ FTTH growth in Spain

The number of FTTH connections in Spain has significantly grown over the last year with 171,177 as of the end of 2011, up 206.4 per cent in comparison with a year earlier, according to the latest report published by the Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT).

Telefonica takes the lion’s share with 163,008 FTTH connections, up 230.4 per cent year-on-year, with other providers the remaining 8,169, up 25.2 per cent. The total number of DSL connections increased by 3.7 per cent to 8,927,965, up 3.7 per cent with Telefonica accounting for 5,331,699, up 4.3 per cent and other providers 3,596,266, up 18.2 per cent.

Cable companies represented 2,048,792 connections, up 4.9 per cent than the previous year.

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