Advanced Television

IPTV 55m worldwide

February 15, 2012

As IPTV approaches 55 million subscribers globally, it is Europe that still holds the strongest position for IPTV (23.5 million customers) as European markets continue to build their customer base.  Deployment information from Point Topic shows that operators are increasingly turning to fibre access solutions to meet the needs of the well-connected home.

Technology Europe – net subscriber additions     Total subs (Q3 11)
DSL 9,215,763 adds   –  125,806,005 total
Cable Modem 1,978,036 adds  –  25,772,847  total
FTTx (inc. VDSL, FTTB) 3,988,194 adds  –  9,771,216 total
FTTH 741,563 adds – 3,167,208 total

Oliver Johnson, CEO at Point Topic, said: “The future of Europe, at least for the next 5 years, is going to be dominated by FTTx.  The cost of full fiber (FTTH) deployment, particularly the last mile, is prohibitive and so the industry and consumers need a stepping stone which is provided by hybrid solutions such as FTTx.  FTTx provides a significant increase in bandwidth and an efficient use of existing infrastructure and allows the welcome continued amortization of costs.”

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